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About Us

On a slightly chilly night in February of 2009, we met for the first time for drinks at a quaint little restaurant on Daniel Island, SC. After a couple hours of talking, we realized we were both very hungry so drinks turned into dinner. The story goes that Lindsey stole all the brie cheese from their appetizer and Phil’s heart during that meal. Lindsey waited until the second date to fall head over heels in love with Phil.

After waiting a long time to find true love, the two of us became practically inseperable from then on. More than just love, we both found our best friend. We frequently irritate those around us with how happy we are together. I mean, we are super cheesy and lovey dovey so we totally get it.

But both of us did spend a long time waiting and didn’t meet until we were older. In some ways, we’re just thankful that we found each other through all the weirdos we met in the process. Maybe we put in our dues to earn each other? 🙂

So whether it’s hard work or just luck, every day we’re thankful we found the one person who gets us. We laugh at all manners of things that probably don’t make sense to most. But most importantly, we can spend hours together without driving ourselves insane. That is prized most of all because having that person to be lazy with on the couch, cook in the kitchen, or hit the open road… has been the greatest gift a human could as for. Companionship for all the good and bad moments. And, when you get to our age, you realize that every relationship has ups and downs so don’t believe we’re perfect. We just accept each day as it comes and cherish whatever time we’re gifted together.

Join us here as we document our stories… in love… in food… in travels… and whatever may come next.