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Here are some of the events in our second month of married life.

We lost our beloved furry child. Mr. White disappeared on April 11th, 2012. It’s been hard dealing with our loss and we both admit we still think about him all the time and believe he may still come home.

But after a while of him being gone, the house felt too quiet so we adopted kittens as you know.

We made a trip up to Hartsville to celebrate our nephew’s 6th birthday. Owen, we love you but somehow it’s always blasty hot on your big day.

I’ve written about 80% of my thank you notes and gotten back into reading. Been splitting my time between magazines, blogs, and books.

We are still putting our house back together. We are so close to having everything find a home. However, now that everything has found a home, we have no more room for anything. So, we have started to sell and get rid of things and look towards our future of buying a home. As in, what can we do to get out of Goose Creek?! lol

I actually love our little townhome but know it would be better for us if we lived closer to work.

We have been buying things from our registry with all the gift cards we received. It was like our wedding/christmas all over again when the boxes came in the mail. Very nice all of you.

We’re also in the midst of planning our next two trips. In a few days I fly to San Diego for work and Phil will be joining me for the weekend so we can see the west coast. I will share pics and restaurant reviews. I think I’ve asked everyone I could where to go. Yay!

And, we do plan to hit up some rollercoasters on our trip to DC in July. It’s been too long.

Lastly, we survived installing a new ceiling fan in our master bedroom. Bonus news, it  didn’t destroy our marriage. If you’ve ever installed a ceiling fan you know how frustrating it can be.

The only thing we have not had enough of is time with our ultra adorable niece and nephew. I miss my McCrae and Duncan.


Must go for now, we have lovely guests in town so we must go eat barbecue and seafood and visit with each other. All because we have to be good hosts ya know 😉