join us on our journey

This is the start of
our sweet little story
the part where
your page meets mine
No matter where our tale
takes us tomorrow
our story will always read



Husband and Baker



Wife and Technical Writer

Honeymoon to Spain :: February 2013

We waited almost a year after our wedding to take our honeymoon but it was well worth it. We went in the offseason for the bakery and Europe and found ourselves in places we could have never imagined. The long walks, the views, the history, the detail, and the food... read more

Black Mountain, NC :: Christmas 2012

Phil and I spent a romantic week away in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina for our first Christmas as husband and wife. It was odd not to be surrounded by family and friends for the holiday but it’s something I’ll always remember. We even survived... read more

Weekend to Michigan :: August 16th to 20nd, 2012

Lindsey took a quick weekend away to spend time with family and hang out with her parents. She even had time to take a quick trip to Detroit for a Tigers game with her mom. We love Stubhub! It was so nice to see these faces, I missed them! Mom took me to a new food... read more

Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

I was inspired by seeing another fruit crumble on Pinterest and while i’m not as good a baker/chef as my husband, I still enjoy dilly dallying around the kitchen. I sorta winged this and it worked out perfectly. Filling - In one bowl, add: quart of farm fresh... read more

San Diego, California :: May 23rd to 27th, 2012

We had a fantastic trip. Saw a lot but also had a chance to wander and discover. Favorite part? I think Phil would say the burritos at Roberto’s Taco Shop and I would say the weather, the beach, and seeing the Pacific Ocean. We will be back. Perhaps sooner than... read more

Food Dehydrator Love

When you have a garden and you love growing things (or at least attempting to grow things), you get sad at the thought of any of your hard work going to waste. For example yesterday, I had to trim back my parsley because it had gotten too big and you don’t... read more

Month 2 of Married Life

Here are some of the events in our second month of married life. We lost our beloved furry child. Mr. White disappeared on April 11th, 2012. It’s been hard dealing with our loss and we both admit we still think about him all the time and believe he may still... read more

Around the Garden

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that we first planted our garden… But wow, it’s really developed in just a few months. I thought I’d give a picture update about our progress as well as show you the planter we bought for the front.... read more