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Phil has encouraged me to work on my personal writing and creative side, so we’re starting our website back up. Join us if you’re interested in following along with our story.

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Honeymoon to Spain :: February 2013

We waited almost a year after our wedding to take our honeymoon but it was well worth it. We went in the offseason for the bakery and Europe and found ourselves in places we could have never imagined. The long walks, the views, the history, the detail, and the food were all remarkable. From Barcelona to Sevilla, we explored to our heart’s content and truly felt like when it was over, we saw as much as we could and if we saw any more our feet would fall off. Our honeymoon was the... read more

Black Mountain, NC :: Christmas 2012

Phil and I spent a romantic week away in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina for our first Christmas as husband and wife. It was odd not to be surrounded by family and friends for the holiday but it’s something I’ll always remember. We even survived two crazy wind storms that howled down the mountains and knocked out the power three times. One of the best ideas my husband has ever had was to take this trip. Sometimes you need to get away and be on your own together so you can appreciate all that you have experienced and how far you have come as a couple. When we arrived, we couldn’t believe our view! Our treat for the trip was Fruity Pebbles cereal. Yes, we never grew up! I taught Phil how to play Yahtzee. Our Christmas presents 2012! Christmas morning view was unbelievable! Stocking time. I was excited, don’t let the sun in my sleepy eyes fool you. Lululemon mittens for running! Phil made his yummy chicken pot pie. And I made a cobbler dessert. It even snowed. And I found some funky socks shopping in Black Mountain. I even figured out how to make a fire. By the end of the week, I hated this shiny, stupid puzzle even if it looked cool at the end. We found THE BEST coffee shop in Black Mountain. We love Dynamite Roasting Company. I’ve never had a coffee with a design in it before. Loved the leaf. And no trip would be complete without a game of monopoly. Great for when the power goes out and can’t... read more

Weekend to Michigan :: August 16th to 20nd, 2012

Lindsey took a quick weekend away to spend time with family and hang out with her parents. She even had time to take a quick trip to Detroit for a Tigers game with her mom. We love Stubhub! It was so nice to see these faces, I missed them! Mom took me to a new food truck in town, Purple Carrot sources locally and had great veggie options! I missed Biggby! On the drive into Detroit. View from our parking spot, pretty good eh? View from our seats. Mom is all smiles before the game. Wearing my new Tigers shirt :) Game was low scoring but still good. Apparently the boys missed me terribly while I was gone. Lol. Last day breakfast at a Mason diner. Uh yeah, I forgot how crazy big the portions are in Michigan. I was gonna miss this guy. And I was going to miss this gal! And a cute souvenir to bring to my husband. Continuing the Michigan... read more

Raleigh | Washington, DC | Williamsburg :: July 5th to July 12th, 2012

We took to the road in our new car where I (Lindsey) super appreciated the new dual climate control and heated seats.  I was no longer frozen out by the icy blast of air Phil had to have all the time while driving. We chose to drive so we could wander up and down the coast. We headed north after work on Thursday and arrived in Raleigh. It was a ghost town because everyone headed to the coast for the 4th. Our luck, we managed restaurant reservations at a great Italian restaurant that is usually packed and unable to get into. Friday we woke up and traveled to DC. We stayed downtown near Dupont Circle for a night so we could walk around and attend a Nationals game. It was all perfect except the exceptionally hot heat wave going on that week. DC just doesn’t have air conditioning like Charleston, especially our hotel room.  Ahhh, sleepless, hot night counting down the minutes until dawn. From then on, the heat zapped me despite my best effort to push on, go for a run downtown around the White House, and visit friends. It really took more out of me than Phil. I hadn’t taken so many naps as I did that week. Thank goodness our friends Doug & Vicki had room to entertain us for a few days and Phil could hang out with his best friend! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the hot baseball game, the hot late night walk to find food, the hot sleepless night in our beautiful hotel, and my super hot scenic run around the... read more

Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

I was inspired by seeing another fruit crumble on Pinterest and while i’m not as good a baker/chef as my husband, I still enjoy dilly dallying around the kitchen. I sorta winged this and it worked out perfectly. Filling – In one bowl, add: quart of farm fresh (McLeod Farms) strawberries from the freezer (Phil previously cut, cleaned, and added a tablespoon of sugar and let sit for a few hours, then transferred to the freezer) 3 stalks of rhubarb, chop off ends and cut into smallish pieces 1/2 cup of organic cane sugar drizzle of agave syrup all over Mix, then add 1/2 tsp of cornstarch and mix again. Crumble – In another bowl, add: 1 cup oats 1 cup flour (substitute for any gluten free or tasty flour you like) 1/2 cup packed brown sugar several dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg 1-2 tbsp of ground flax seeds several grinds of my yummy cinnamon sugar grinder from Trader Joe’s Then,  mixed the dry ingredients together while you melt 1 stick of Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread in the microwave. Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. Using my new (wedding gift) pastry blender (from Williams-Sonoma), I added the melted *butter to the dry crumble mixture. Mix until, well, it’s crumbly. I then used my canola spray to lightly grease my beautiful Le Crueset rectangular baker, another lovely wedding gift (8×10, I think). Pour the fruit into the bottom of the baker and then pour the crumble over. Yes, that’s the easy part. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes then 350 degrees for 10 minutes. The fruit will get so... read more

San Diego, California :: May 23rd to 27th, 2012

We had a fantastic trip. Saw a lot but also had a chance to wander and discover. Favorite part? I think Phil would say the burritos at Roberto’s Taco Shop and I would say the weather, the beach, and seeing the Pacific Ocean. We will be back. Perhaps sooner than later. Wonderful Tapas Restaurant, Cafe Sevilla! San Diego Zoo is Awesome! hello giraffes Loved the San Diego vegetation On our walk along the Pacific Ocean Roberto’s! Best burritos ever can be found in SD! Going to the Pacific Ocean for the first time! From my run, I captured this pretty flower. A later panorama view on my run! First time having the infamous San Diego fish... read more

Food Dehydrator Love

When you have a garden and you love growing things (or at least attempting to grow things), you get sad at the thought of any of your hard work going to waste. For example yesterday, I had to trim back my parsley because it had gotten too big and you don’t really want to eat the old, big stalks. I didn’t want to just throw them away in the swamp so I decided to be completely ridiculous and put them in a vase like flowers. They were a little droopy when I put them in but after sitting in some fresh water for a few minutes they stood straight up like they were a bouquet of flowers. I was pretty pleased with myself because it’s a little bit of green inside, smells good, and I don’t feel wasteful. However, we can’t do that with all the herbs and fruit we grow. Also, we are physically unable of eating all our produce as we grow it. It comes too fast and abundant and will perish when we even attempt to save it for too long. So last summer we made the best investment for someone living in a humid climate. We bought a dehydrator. If you live in an arid climate you can use the sun and time to dry out your herbs and peppers but for us, we didn’t have that luxury. Plus, we really wanted to dry a lot of the peppers and herbs for cooking. We already loved crushed red pepper but we knew we wanted to expand. For example, last year we dried anaheim, jalapeno, cayenne, and... read more

Month 2 of Married Life

Here are some of the events in our second month of married life. We lost our beloved furry child. Mr. White disappeared on April 11th, 2012. It’s been hard dealing with our loss and we both admit we still think about him all the time and believe he may still come home. But after a while of him being gone, the house felt too quiet so we adopted kittens as you know. We made a trip up to Hartsville to celebrate our nephew’s 6th birthday. Owen, we love you but somehow it’s always blasty hot on your big day. I’ve written about 80% of my thank you notes and gotten back into reading. Been splitting my time between magazines, blogs, and books. We are still putting our house back together. We are so close to having everything find a home. However, now that everything has found a home, we have no more room for anything. So, we have started to sell and get rid of things and look towards our future of buying a home. As in, what can we do to get out of Goose Creek?! lol I actually love our little townhome but know it would be better for us if we lived closer to work. We have been buying things from our registry with all the gift cards we received. It was like our wedding/christmas all over again when the boxes came in the mail. Very nice all of you. We’re also in the midst of planning our next two trips. In a few days I fly to San Diego for work and Phil will be... read more

Around the Garden

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that we first planted our garden… But wow, it’s really developed in just a few months. I thought I’d give a picture update about our progress as well as show you the planter we bought for the front. Phil’s dad Peter kindly donated his efforts into picking out the flowers that would fill the planter. He did such an amazing job on the arrangement and that’s even grown since he first planted it a few weekends ago. On 4/28/2012 – Here’s the planter when Peter put it in. That same day I took some other photos:    Peter and McCrae were checking out my progress. I put my peppers and my tomatoes near the ledge because it gets more early sunlight here. Here’s my tomatoes then (poblano on right). McCrae is a future master gardener. After all, it does run in the family. On 5/11/2012 – Just a few weeks later, my garden is going strong. I learn something new each year. The latest thing I learned is to carefully check my pots. Thankfully we realized in time that several of our plastic pots were not draining because they didn’t come with preset holes. Ummm… not sure why not Lowe’s?!? So after a giant rain in which a couple of my pots were flooded and not draining, Phil drilled some holes in my pots and my peppers seem to be saved. See the damage? Here’s the garden just a week ago. You would not believe how much the tomato plants have grown in the week since then. Here’s our pretty planter... read more


Maybe I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but we adopted kittens. Two brothers to be exact, from the local shelter. We adopted them on April 30, 2012. They have already brought so much happiness and laughter to our lives. We’re so happy we could adopt them together because they really are great companions to each other and provide endless play time, sleepy time, and general encouragement to try new things. Love em! Introducing Gizmo Teddy Rix (named after the gremlin and Teddy Roosevelt) and Captain Frederick Wentworth Rix (named after Lindsey’s favorite Jane Austen... read more

Pre-Honeymoon in Charleston

I never had a chance to talk about our pre-honeymoon stay downtown Charleston after our wedding. We’re doing our official honeymoon in Spain in early 2013 but we did spend a great couple days together enjoying our new titles – husband and wife. Right after the wedding, which I will maintain that car showed up way too early, we planned to stay downtown for a couple nights. But first, how did the reception go by that fast? I still had a lot of dancing and talking to do but such is life and what people told me would happen at your wedding. We really could not have hired a better driver. Lowell and his company, Chariot of Dreams, drove us downtown in a 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom V! We had decided ahead of time not to rush off anywhere to honeymoon but instead stick around to see family and friends a bit more before they left town. We really don’t get to see as much of our family and friends as we’d like. We knew staying downtown would be wonderful but I had no idea how beautiful the Venude Inn was. They have maintained and restored it beautifully. I thought i’d share some pictures of our pre-honeymoon We went to McCrady’s and loved every bite. They made it the most magical, special night! Phil and I dressed up Sunday night for our special wedding dinner – just the two of us! We will be back to Vendue Inn, we loved it! We were in a different part of Vendue Inn, across the street from the main lobby. Phil says hi!... read more

Planning Our Farm Fresh Meals

Wow, weeks go by fast in our household and before we know it, it’s time to pick up another bag of our goodies from our CSA. I haven’t posted a list and pictures every week but we continue to get wonderful spring vegetables and quite a variety. We even received fresh dill last week. Farm fresh beets were wild when we sliced them and created a root vegetable medley. I didn’t know they had rings inside! When we took this cabbage out of the bag, it was so big. The one we received yesterday was even bigger. This one was funny to me because the outside leafs made it look like dumbo. I was also skeptical about the taste because I wasn’t sure I liked cabbage. However, last night we sliced it 1-inch thick, sprayed with olive oil, and then seasoned with salt and pepper. Into the oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. I was surprised how good it tasted. Not my favorite but definitely edible. And here’s proof I even tried radishes on a salad! But how do we come up with meals when we get an assortment of veggies from the CSA each week? Well I thought I’d share one example of our meals from a couple weeks ago to help. First I made a list of all the veggies we had in the house (some from Trader Joe’s and rest from CSA) along with our proteins. We do try to eat a balanced dinner with a protein (veggie or meat), big portion of veggie, and a healthy carb. Groceries Meats – pork chops (2) chicken breasts... read more

Let’s Start from the Very Beginning – Lindsey’s First Time Gardening with Seeds

A month ago, it started with a few seeds. A first for me. Every year I try something new in the garden. This year it was learning how to grow from a seed set. We planted poblano, jalapeno, and anaheim peppers. We planted a few san marzano tomatoes. And, we also grew herbs – cilantro, thyme, sage, and lavender. The peppers did really great as you can see below. The herbs and san marzano did okay but two – sage and lavender – never took so we re-seeded. We gave the san marzano to his dad so I’ll find out later how that did. I transferred these little plants into their new home a couple weekends ago. Been delayed in sharing so I really need to get caught up. I have so much to share but let’s start at the beginning with how we got them from here to the garden. First, I cut up the plastic seed grower so I could give some to Phil’s dad and the rest I could transplant into containers. We still container garden because of our small townhome backyard and the hope that someday we’ll move to a home with a big yard. The peppers went into much bigger pots which hopefully fixes the fruit size issue from last year. The plant grew well but the fruit were small. The poblano is very cute in its small size. Last year it grew so tall like a tree. It’s starting life a little late this year so we’ll see how it does. Peppers love heat and we have a lot of that coming. I... read more

A Farm Enhanced Dinner

Phil made a very tasty and healthy dinner last night. Just wanted to provide some inspiration in case anyone else has a CSA. We had grilled chicken, greens, and a carrot/beets mixture on the side. The carrots, beets, and greens all came from our CSA. I’m not sure what all greens we used. Phil took a bunch of the bags, chopped them, and threw them in the pan. He cooked them like you would collard greens but we substituted out the bacon and ham hoc because it’s a weeknight not a holiday meal. I thought the beet carrot dish was especially good. The beets had this neat look on the inside. And Phil used a honey balsamic dijon glaze. Yum and not too earthy. The finished product made for a nice meal for... read more

Salisbury Steak Night

I’ve been hungry for Salisbury Steak and Phil pulled out our old standby, trusty recipe but we made a few slight tweaks. Can you tell? Well… #1 – We used the fresh sweet peas from Ambrose Farms and #2 – That’s not just mashed potatoes, that’s mashed potatoes and turnips that Phil cut up and steamed in beef stock in our rice cooker. He then put in some of our hippy butter (what I call the Vegan buttery spread from Earth Balance that I can eat because I can’t/shouldn’t eat dairy) and seasoned (salt, black pepper, and white pepper). I couldn’t tell the difference. Perhaps it was a bit more earthy but it was delicious. And then for the meat portion, here’s how Phil did it: 3 round ground meat burger patties. He only seasoned outside, heavily. He seasoned both sides with black pepper, white peppers, salt, garlic powder, and onion powder. Seared it in the pan about 3 minutes each side. Bake those patties at 350 degrees until the desired temperature. Meanwhile, he added fresh mushrooms to the hot pan with the beef drippings, cooked those down about 4-5 minutes. Then he took the mushrooms out to make the rue. Rue = 1/2 stick butter melted, sprinkle flour until paste, then add an entire box of low sodium beef stock. Add back in the mushrooms and the meat and we were ready to eat. We had a brief interruption just as we sat down to eat. A neighbor thought she saw Mr. White. We rushed up there but couldn’t find the cat that was sitting at her house... read more

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