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about us

We were married on March 24, 2012!

After our wedding, we took a few days to relax and take a deep breath but then we were ready for our next adventure.

Follow us as we fly, drive, and run around the world together.

travel log

Honeymoon to Spain :: February 2013

Honeymoon to Spain :: February 2013

We waited almost a year after our wedding to take our honeymoon but it was well worth it. We went in the offseason for the bakery and Europe and found ourselves in places we could have never imagined. The long walks, the views, the history, the detail, and the food were all remarkable. From Barcelona to Sevilla, we explored to our heart’s content and truly felt like when it was over, we saw as much as we could and if we saw any more our feet would fall off. Our honeymoon was the best!


Black Mountain, NC :: Christmas 2012

Black Mountain, NC :: Christmas 2012

Phil and I spent a romantic week away in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina for our first Christmas as husband and wife. It was odd not to be surrounded by family and friends for the holiday but it’s something I’ll always remember. We even survived two crazy wind storms that howled down the mountains and knocked out the power three times. One of the best ideas my husband has ever had was to take this trip. Sometimes you need to get away and be on your own together so you can appreciate all that you have experienced and how far you have come as a couple.

Weekend to Michigan :: August 16th to 20nd, 2012

Weekend to Michigan :: August 16th to 20nd, 2012

Lindsey took a quick weekend away to spend time with family and hang out with her parents. She even had time to take a quick trip to Detroit for a Tigers game with her mom. We love Stubhub!

Raleigh | Washington, DC | Williamsburg :: July 5th to July 12th, 2012

Raleigh | Washington, DC | Williamsburg :: July 5th to July 12th, 2012

We took to the road in our new car where I (Lindsey) super appreciated the new dual climate control and heated seats.  I was no longer frozen out by the icy blast of air Phil had to have all the time while driving.

We chose to drive so we could wander up and down the coast. We headed north after work on Thursday and arrived in Raleigh. It was a ghost town because everyone headed to the coast for the 4th. Our luck, we managed restaurant reservations at a great Italian restaurant that is usually packed and unable to get into.

Friday we woke up and traveled to DC. We stayed downtown near Dupont Circle for a night so we could walk around and attend a Nationals game. It was all perfect except the exceptionally hot heat wave going on that week. DC just doesn’t have air conditioning like Charleston, especially our hotel room.  Ahhh, sleepless, hot night counting down the minutes until dawn. From then on, the heat zapped me despite my best effort to push on, go for a run downtown around the White House, and visit friends. It really took more out of me than Phil. I hadn’t taken so many naps as I did that week. Thank goodness our friends Doug & Vicki had room to entertain us for a few days and Phil could hang out with his best friend! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the hot baseball game, the hot late night walk to find food, the hot sleepless night in our beautiful hotel, and my super hot scenic run around the White House. But after that, I was heated out!

I will say, if you can’t find what you want to eat and wander around downtown DC, sometimes the best decision is just to get a bag of empanadas and head back to your hotel room. Best decision we made that week!

Doug & Vicki were awesome hosts again and we enjoyed Jaleo DC, Great Falls Park, Art of Video Games exhibit, a canoe trip, and Ben’s Chili Bowl! We bid adieu on Tuesday and traveled to Williambsurg so Wednesday we could do up Busch Gardens! Williamsburg is awesome and I got to see my friend & coworker Ellyn! Loved her town, her kids, and the roller coasters! Roller coasters were the perfect end to a fun road trip together!

San Diego, California :: May 23rd to 27th, 2012

San Diego, California :: May 23rd to 27th, 2012

We had a fantastic trip. Saw a lot but also had a chance to wander and discover. Favorite part? I think Phil would say the burritos at Roberto’s Taco Shop and I would say the weather, the beach, and seeing the Pacific Ocean. We will be back. Perhaps sooner than later.